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Annotated Bibliographies

CIRRIE is pleased to host on its website four partially annotated bibliographies. These unique bibliographies, compiled by M. Miles of the United Kingdom, contain nearly 2,500 citations that may be difficult for researchers and practitioners to locate elsewhere. They provide a gateway to material that offers insight into the cultural and historical origins of disability concepts in the countries of the Middle East and southern Africa.

In its mission to disseminate international disability and rehabilitation information, CIRRIE considers it highly appropriate to include on its website not only modern, scientific knowledge through its database of research, but also knowledge from historical, cultural and religious sources. These bibliographies provide us with a unique window on earlier knowledge seeking and knowledge creation within non Western cultures. Researchers and practitioners working in the Middle East or southern Africa, and those working in other countries with persons of Middle Eastern or African origin, may find this a useful starting point in understanding the origins of disability belief and knowledge in these regions. Hopefully they will assist us in blending modern scientific knowledge with cultural patterns that are often poorly understood in the Anglophone west.

Other bibliographies on disability compiled by M. Miles (non-CIRRIE sites)