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Multicultural Sensitivity Scale

Choose any number between 1 and 6 to indicate your agreement or disagreement with each of the following statements. Please print and write your response in the space provided at the left hand side of the statements.

Strongly Disagree Disagree Slightly Disagree Slightly Agree Agree Strongly Agree
1 2 3 4 5 6
  1. ______ I have a tendency to trust people of my ethnic group more than I trust those of other ethnic groups
  2. ______ I feel very uncomfortable in the presence of members of ethnic groups other than my own
  3. ______ When I observe the hardships of some people, I understand why they are not proud of their ethnic identity
  4. ______ Individuals should be deeply sensitive to the thoughts others have of them
  5. ______ It is good to avoid encounters with people who are different from you
  6. ______ Each ethnic group should strive to become more Americanized rather than maintaining the characteristics of their ethnic group
  7. ______ I feel more secure when I am in the presence of members of my ethnic group
  8. ______ I feel less comfortable when I socialize with persons outside my ethnic group
  9. ______ When I understand the environment from which many people of ethnic minority backgrounds come, I understand why they do not have pride in their ethnic identities
  10. ______ I feel threatened by members of other ethnic groups
  11. ______ The ethnic group that persons belong to frequently determines how I respond to them interpersonally
  12. ______ When I am offended by an ethnic minority, I generalize the behavior to other members of that group
  13. ______ In order to be accepted by persons of other ethnic groups, I frequently find myself altering my behavior
  14. ______ I have discovered that it is better to avoid associating with people who think differently than me
  15. ______ I naturally respond more favorably to people of my ethnic group
  16. ______ I prefer working with people with whom I can identify ethnically
  17. ______ I have not been able to overcome my feelings of uneasiness when I see a group of people from a particular ethnic group together
  18. ______ I feel tense and uptight when I have to work closely with persons who are of a different ethnic group than my own
  19. ______ I would feel more relaxed if I could work with people of my own ethnic group
  20. ______ I do not enjoy associating with persons of other ethnic groups
  21. ______ I classify people on the basis of obvious ethnic characteristics

Jibaja, M.L., Sebastian, R., Kingery, P., & Holcolmb, J.D. (2000). The multicultural sensitivity of physician assistant students. Journal of Allied Health, 29 (2): 79–85.