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For more detailed explanation on a subject heading entry, follow the the link from its name.

Not sure which term to use? Search the thesaurus.

The CIRRIE Thesaurus is an alphabetical listing of approved terms for searching the CIRRIE Database. Refer to the CIRRIE Rotated Thesaurus for additional help in identifying the proper search terms.

For more detailed instructions to searching by subject headings, please refer to the Guide to Searching.

The CIRRIE Thesaurus is now available with subject headings translated into Spanish and French.

Entry information

Subject heading

Terms appearing in bold text used to search the database.

Ex. Employment programs

Scope note

A definition of the subject heading as it is used in the database.

Ex. [Programs set up to enhance employment of persons with disabilities]

Broader term

More general accepted subject headings which may be assigned to articles.

Ex. Programs

Narrower term

More specific accepted subject headings which may be assigned to articles.

Ex. Supported employment; Work study programs

Related terms

Suggestions for alternate or related subject headings in your area of interest.

Ex. Employment; On the job training

Use for

Provides synonyms for which this subject heading is used.

These synonyms are not accepted subject headings.

Ex. Recruitment

Non-headings, appearing in regular text, include links to direct you to the accepted subject headings.


Terms appearing in regular text which are not accepted subject headings.

These terms are not searchable in the database.

Ex. Recruitment


Directs you to accepted subject headings.

Ex. Employment programs; Hiring practices; Placement

This thesaurus was adapted from the National Rehabilitation Information Center's REHABDATA Thesaurus, with alterations to make it more international in scope and reflective of the NIDRR focus areas.